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Jan 19 Los Angeles, CA El Cid News of the Fire, Jessie Deluxe Info
Date City Venue With More Info
Nov 7 Los Angeles, CA Silverlake Lounge Rare Monk, RoShamBo Info
Oct 27 Los Angeles, CA El Cid Hello Echo, Burning Jet Black Info
Oct 26 Santa Monica, CA O'Briens Irish Pub John Wayne Bro Info
Sep 15 Santa Monica, CA TRiP The Ross Sea Party, Hello Echo Info
Sep 8 Pomona, CA Fox Theater (Rooftop) After Hours Art Show Info
Sep 4 Los Angeles, CA Silverlake Lounge LEVELS, My Double My Brother Info
Aug 2 Los Angeles, CA The Airliner Hello Echo, Hearts and Minutes Info
Jul 18 Los Angeles, CA Downtown Summer Party Dark Furs, Peachy Keene Info
Jul 11 Los Angeles, CA The Down and Out Lovers Drugs, The Lexingtons Info
Jun 15 Los Angeles, CA Lot 1 Cafe Sketch Orchestra, Hello Echo Info
May 30 Santa Monica, CA Central SAPC The Dead Ships, News of the Fire Info


YEAR IN THE DARK / June 19, 2012 / Self-Released

Herculion - Year in the Dark Album Art


That Mercy Music video

Taking Forever Music video

Use Me (Bill Withers Cover) Live Session



We are Mitchel McKenzie and Aaron Silverstien. When we are doing rock and roll stuff, we call ourselves Herculion (pronounced "HERC-U-LION", like the demigod and the big cat). Possessing few of the skills that normally go along with being a rock band, such as the ability to play instruments, write songs, or look cool in front of other people, we decided to start the band in the early part of 2011. Following this decision was a year of loud noises, blisters, angry neighbors, Garageband mixing sessions, arguments, cheeseburger and Robeks breaks, and a few minor triumphs. About halfway through 2012 we had finished putting together a twelve track album called "Year in the Dark" which is now available to download free of charge on our Facebook page as well as several Russian torrent sites (which we are totally cool with).

Since completing the album, we have made ourselves some videos and other self-aggrandizing things, and have played some Los Angeles area shows with Aaron's younger brother, Zack (AKA The-Iron-Mother), joining us on bass. We will continue doing these things in between our time spent at full-time graphic design/video production jobs, pickup basketball games, and burger joints. Your mom is the Pink Ranger.